Seismicity Caused by Mines, Fluid Injections, Reservoirs, and Oil Extraction

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Reprint from Pure and Applied Geophysics (PAGEOPH), Volume 153 (1998), No. 1
1 Introduction.- Seismicity Induced by Mining.- 5 Partial Stress Drop and Frictional Overshoot Mechanism of Seismic Events Induced by Mining.- 21 Dominant Directions of Epicenter Distribution of Regional Mining-induced Seismicity Series in Upper Silesian Coal Basin in Poland.- 41 Use of Microseismic Source Parameters for Rockburst Hazard Assessment.- 67 A Tensile Model for the Interpretation of Microseismic Events near Underground Openings.- Seismicity Induced by Fluid Injections.- 95 Injection-induced Microseismicity in Colorado Shales.- 113 Source Parameters of Injection-induced Microseismicity.- Seismicity Triggered by Reservoirs and Aquifers.- 133 Reservoir-induced Seismicity in China.- 151 Twenty Years Seismic Monitoring of Induced Seismicity in Northern Albania.- 163 A Frequency-dependent Relation of Coda Q, for Koyna-Warna Region, India.- 179 Aquifer-induced Seismicity in the Central Apennines (Italy).- Seismicity Due to Steam Stimulation and Oil Extraction.- 197 A Seismic Model of Casing Failure in Oil Fields.- 219 Seismicity and Casing Failures Due to Steam Stimulation in Oil Sands.
The perturbation of the earth by mankind causes earthquakes in a variety of situations. This phenomenon continues to be a major concern to engineers and scientists concerned with the mitigation of the consequences of this seismicity, as well as better understanding the processes at its origin. The present volume contains twelve papers from six countries, dealing with observations of triggered and induced seismicity in four continents. The reported cases include seismicity due to hard-rock mines, coal mines, underground research facilities for nuclear waste disposal, water injections, reservoirs, acquifers and oil fields. This volume provides case studies of previously unavailable observations of this phenomenon, investigations of the cause and source mechanism of seismic events, studies of source location distributions, determinations of seismic source parameters, cases of the use of such parameters in assessing rockburst hazard in mines, and measurements of velocity an attenuation properties of rock masses. The present collection of papers provides an excellent indication of the current state of the art and new developments in this area of research.