Cocoa Farmers Cooperative and Sustainable Development

Cooperatives and Sustainable Development
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Most rural communities are living in abject poverty due to lack of appropriates resources and concrete initiatives to bring them out of their deplorable situations. Most rural communities are ignored when it comes to development by their states. Rural communities have resources which need to be developed. This book is talking about how communities can come out of poverty and sustain their development. We have taken the case of cocoa famers cooperative and how it can help communities reduce their rate of poverty and sustain development. The community used as case study, is blessed with cocoa farms but yet they are still poor. It lacks good road, electricity, health centres, schools and a good sustainable income generating activity. Many lives had been lost due to poverty. This book shows how natives can use available agricultural resources such as cocoa and come up with cooperatives to overcome poverty and sustain their community. It s therefore necessary that community leaders, administrators, NGO's, Agricultural institutions, Farmers, Parliamentarians, Teachers, Rural councils, Governments, and those who want to see development in their communities get this book

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