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Harold Pinter on International Stages

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Tomaz Onic
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Contents: Mark Taylor-Batty: The Company of Men: Pinter's Gendered Conflicts - Nick Ceramella: «Silence Symphony» Conducted by Pinter and Eduardo, Two World Theatre Maestri - Pia Vittoria Colombo: The Italian Anatomy of Pinter: With their Pinter's Anatomy, Italian Contemporary Playwrights ricci/forte Pay Their Dues to the British Nobel Laureate - Eve Marine Dauvergne: An International Approach to A Slight Ache - Tomaz Onic: Early Productions of Pinter on the Slovene Stage - Acija Alfirevic: Harold Pinter's Reception in Croatia - Benjamin Keatinge: Pinter in Macedonia: Productions, Translations and Critical Reception - Andrea P. Balogh: Harold Pinter's Authorial Image: Negotiating between the West and Hungary - Anna Suwalska-Kolecka: Rediscovering Pinter - a few comments on the most recent Polish productions of Pinter's plays - Nursen Gömceli: Harold Pinter's «Room» on Turkish Stages: a «Dilemma» Between Art and Politics? - Susan Hollis Merritt: Being and Not Being Harold Pinter: Pinter Still in Play in the USA.
Harold Pinter is inarguably one of the most influential modern British dramatists. The horizon of his literary, cultural and political activity stretches far beyond the borders of his homeland, as well as beyond the theatrical and literary world. The essays in this volume deal with the reception of his literary (and political) heritage in several European and non-European Countries, offering previously unpublished research. They bring together a variety of aspects focusing on Pinter in the former region of Eastern Europe like Hungary, Poland, Turkey, Croatia, Macedonia and Slovenia, where his literary ideas as well as political activism seem fully applicable. They are balanced by selected Western perspectives, including Italian, British and American ones.

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