Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology
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Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology

An Introduction
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Peter Schneider
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This greatly enhanced and expanded second edition of the leading textbook on astronomy incorporates spectacular new imagery and recent results from recently commissioned observatory platforms including the Galaxy Evolution Explorer, Herschel, and ALMA.
Widely expanded second edition of this leading astronomy textbook now incorporates some of the most spectacular results from new observatories like the Galaxy Evolution Explorer, Herschel, ALMA, WMAP and Planck
Provides an up-to-date coverage of all major results in observational cosmology lending impressive support for the standard model of the Universe
Highly attractive and informative through lavish use of color figures
Now with problems and solutions
Written by Peter Schneider, a specialist in extragalactic astronomy and cosmology and proven textbook author
Introduction and overview.- The Milky Way as a galaxy.- The World of Galaxies.- Cosmology I: Homogeneous isotropic world models.- Active galactic nuclei.- Clusters and groups of galaxies.- Cosmology II: Inhomogeneities in the Universe.- Cosmology III: The cosmological parameters.- The Universe at high redshift.- Galaxy evolution.- Outlook.- A: The electromagnetic radiation field.- B: Properties of stars.- C: Units and constants.- D: Recommended literature.- Index.
This second edition has been updated and substantially expanded. Starting with the description of our home galaxy, the Milky Way, this cogently written textbook introduces the reader to the astronomy of galaxies, their structure, active galactic nuclei, evolution and large scale distribution in the Universe. After an extensive and thorough introduction to modern observational and theoretical cosmology, the focus turns to the formation of structures and astronomical objects in the early Universe. The basics of classical astronomy and stellar astrophysics needed for extragalactic astronomy are provided in the appendix.
While this book has grown out of introductory university courses on astronomy and astrophysics and includes a set of problems and solutions, it will not only benefit undergraduate students and lecturers; thanks to the comprehensive coverage of the field, even graduate students and researchers specializing in related fields will appreciate it as a valuable reference work.

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