Progress in Artificial Economics
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Progress in Artificial Economics

Computational and Agent-Based Models
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Marco Li Calzi
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230x159x23 mm
645, Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems

Numerous step-by-step tutorials help the reader to learn quicklyA special chapter on next generation Flash prepares readers for the future
Includes ten tips on how to protect flash sites from hackers
Markets and Trading.- Agent's Minimal Intelligence Calibration for Realistic Market Dynamics.- Trading on Marginal Information.- Stylized Facts Study through a Multi-Agent Based Simulation of an Artificial Stock Market.- Auctions.- A Variable Bid Increment Algorithm for Reverse English Auction.- Co-evolutionary Agents in Combinatorial Sealed-bid Auctions for Spectrum Licenses Markets.- The Effect of Transaction Costs on Artificial Continuous Double Auction Markets.- Networks.- The Rise and Fall of Trust Networks.- Simulations on Correlated Behavior and Social Learning.- Technology Shocks and Trade in a Network.- Management.- The (Beneficial) Role of Informational Imperfections in Enhancing Organisational Performance.- Social Interactions and Innovation: Simulation Based on an Agent-Based Modular Economy.- Threshold Rule and Scaling Behavior in a Multi-Agent Supply Chain.- Industry Sectors.- Information and Search on the Housing Market: An Agent-Based Model.- Adaptation of Investments in the Pharmaceutical Industry.- An Agent-Based Information Management Model of the Chinese Pig Sector.- Macroeconomics.- Wealth Distribution Evolution in an Agent-Based Computational Economy.- Endogenous Credit Dynamics as Source of Business Cycles in the EURACE Model.- Reinforcement Learning of Heterogeneous Private Agents in a Macroeconomic Policy Game.- Demographics and Culture.- Towards an Agent-Based Model of the Economic Development Process: The Dynamics of the Fertility Rate.- An Agent-Supported Simulation of Labour and Financial Markets for Migration Processes.- Sensitivity Analysis of an Agent-Based Model of Culture's Consequences for Trade.
This volume collects the papers contributed to "Artificial Economics 2010", the sixth event in an annual conference series.

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