Urban Forests and Trees
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Urban Forests and Trees

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"This book covers all aspects of planning, designing, establishing and managing forests and trees and forests in and near urban areas. The disciplinary background of the authors is varied, ranging from forestry and horticulture to landscape ecology, landscape architecture and even plant pathology.
Form, Function and Benefits of Urban Forests and Trees.- The Concept of Urban Forestry in Europe.- A History of Urban Forests and Trees in Europe.- Urban Forest Resources in European Cities.- Benefits and Uses of Urban Forests and Trees.- Planning and Design of Urban Forests and Trees.- Urban Forest Policy and Planning.- Design of Urban Forests.- The Role of Partnerships in Urban Forestry.- Involving People in Urban Forestry - A Discussion of Participatory Practices throughout Europe.- Plant Selection and Establishment of Urban Forests and Trees.- Plant Quality and Establishment.- The Selection of Plant Materials for Street Trees, Park Trees and Urban Woodland.- The Abiotic Urban Environment: Impact of Urban Growing Conditions on Urban Vegetation.- Biotic Urban Growing Conditions - Threats, Pests and Diseases.- Management of Urban Forests and Trees.- Management of Urban Woodland and Parks - Searching for Creative and Sustainable Concepts.- Information for Urban Forest Planning and Management.- Arboricultural Practices.- Future Perspectives.- Research on Urban Forests and Trees in Europe.- Urban Forestry Education.- Urban Forestry in Europe: Innovative Solutions and Future Potential.
This publication is the result of more than six years of hard work by a dedicated group of European urban forest and tree experts. The editors are indebted to the national experts of COST Action E12 `Urban Forests and Trees¿ and to the others who have contributed to the various chapters in this publication. Ultimately, 59 authors from 21 European countries feature in this book. The European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research (COST) and in particular its Secretariat deserve our gratitude for their support in establishing an active European community of urban forestry experts. In our work to prepare this publication, we have been assisted by Karen Sejr, who provided crucial editorial support. We are also grateful to Jette Abel, Birgit Brynjolf, Jette Alsing Larsen, and other colleagues at the Danish Centre for Forest, Landscape and Planning, KVL. Without their contributions, the work could never have been completed. Words of gratitude also go to the publisher, Springer, who have supported the idea to publish a first European reference book on urban forests and urban trees from the very start, and who showed patience during the long production process.

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