Enacting Values-Based Change

Organization Development in Action
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David Jamieson
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First set of ethical guidelines for OD since Gellerman et al Values and Ethics in Organization and Human Systems Development (1990)
Chapter 1: Deconstructing OD: A Closer Look at the Emergence of OD Values and Their Impact on the Field

Section 1 OD Values in Practice

Chapter 2: A Look in the Mirror: Current Research Findings on the Values and Practice of OD

Chapter 3: Tell Me a Story: Exploring Values in Practice in the Field of OD

Chapter 4: What is Happening with Values in Organization Development?
Chapter 5: Valuing Both the Journey and the Destination in Organization Development

Section 2 Organizational Change
Chapter 6: Values in the Application of OD to Mergers and Acquisitions
Chapter 7: Organization Development and Talent Management: Beyond the Triple Bottom Line

Chapter 8: An Integrative Framework for Responsible Leadership Practice

Chapter 9: Playing the Long Game in a Short-term World: Consequences and Strategies for Racial Justice Work

Section 3 Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Change

Chapter 10: Incorporating Diversity and Inclusion as Core Values in Organization Development Practice

Chapter 11: Practicing OD for Social Justice

Chapter 12: Making Value Based Decisions and Dealing with Value Dilemma and Conflict While Working on OD In a Global Context

Chapter 13: Organization Development in Action: Values-Based Coaching

Section 4 Values Conflicts

Chapter 14: Organization Development and Talent Management: Divergent Sides of the Same Values Equation

Chapter 15: Organization Development and Talent Management: Divergent Sides of the Same Values Equation
This edited volume highlights the use and practice of values in Organization Development (OD). It addresses how those values have changed over time, how they are expressed in OD's approach to consulting, the process of making value-based decisions, and how to deal with value dilemmas and value conflicts. OD scholars and practitioners will learn about the balance of values in practice, particularly as the business outcomes may overtake positive humanistic concerns given intense pressures to enhance organizational productivity year over year.

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