Discursive Perspectives on Education Policy and Implementation

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Jessica Nina Lester
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218x151x25 mm
Explores the growing interest in conceptualizing, theorizing, and actualizing the study of everyday and institutional interactional practices that are germane to the policy arena
1. An Introduction To Discursive Perspectives on Education Policy and Implementation
2. Education Policy Implementation Research: A Call for New Approaches
3. Language-Based Approaches to the Study of Education Policy
4. From Subjectification to Subjectivity in Education Policy Research Relationships
5. Membership Categorization Analysis for Education Policy
6. A Mangled Educational Policy Discourse Analysis for the Anthropocene
7. Plays Well With Others: The Discourse and Enactment of Partnerships in Public PreK
8. Re-Framing Misbehavior: Positive School Discipline and the New Meaning of 'Safety' in Schools
9. Critical Discourse and 21st Century Education Report Policy
10. Reading and dyslexia legislation: Analytic Techniques and Findings on the Framing of Dyslexia
11. Constructing Teacher Effectiveness in Policymaking Conversations
12. Future Directions for Education Policy Research and Language-Based Methods
This edited volume demonstrates some of the potential contributions of discourse analytic approaches to the study of education policy and its implementation within particular policy contexts. Contributing authors provide a range of perspectives, examining education policy using both micro-analytic traditions and more macro-analytic traditions. With examples of research focused on various stages of the policy process from agenda-setting and policy-making to implementation and media representations, this volume will appeal to scholars engaged in research at the intersection of education policy and discourse analysis, and to students with specific interests in education policy and qualitative research methods.

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