Medical Family Therapy
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Medical Family Therapy

Advanced Applications
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Jennifer Hodgson
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Foreword.- Preface.- A Review of Medical Family Therapy: 30 Years of History, Growth and Research.- Medical Family Therapy: Charting a Course in Competencies.- Preparing to be a Medical Family Therapist: Bridging the Multiple Worlds of Health Care.- Medical Family Therapy in Integrated Primary Care: An Interactional Framework.- Building Relationships in Integrated Care.- Working with Providers and Healthcare Systems Experiencing Compassion Fatigue and Burnout.- MedFT Supervision in Context.- Preparing for Leadership Roles in Healthcare Settings.- The Medical Family Therapist as Transdisciplinary Trainer.- Honoring the "Spirituality" in Biopsychosocial-Spiritual Health Care: Medical Family Therapists on the Frontlines of Graduate Education, Clinical Practice and Research.- Medical Family Therapy Scientist-Practitioners.- Advancing Medical Family Therapy Through Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed-Method Research.- Engaging Communities as Partners in Research: Advancing Integrated Care through Purposeful Partnerships.- A Primer in Program Evaluation for MedFTs Dissemination and Implementation Science: Research for the Real World Medical Family Therapist.- Advancing Health Equity in Medical Family Therapy Research.- Policy and Practice: A Primer on the Past, Present and Future of Healthcare Reform in the United States.- Family Therapists in Primary Care Settings: Opportunities for Integration through Advocacy.- The Ethics of Integration: Where Policy and Practice Collide.- How to Prepare a Medical Family Therapy Policy Brief.- A Summary Report of Cost-Effectiveness: Recognizing the Value of Family Therapy in Healthcare.- Getting Reimbursed for MedFT: Financial Models Toward Sustainability.- Epilogue.
"High praise to Hodgson, Lamson, Mendenhall, and Crane and in creating a seminal work for systemic researchers, educators, supervisors, policy makers and financial experts in health care. The comprehensiveness and innovation explored by every author reflects an in depth understanding that reveals true pioneers of integrated health care. Medical Family Therapy: Advances in Application will lead the way for Medical Family Therapists in areas just now being acknowledged and explored."

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