Forest Soils
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Forest Soils

Properties and Management
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Khan Towhid Osman
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Dealing with the specialized science of forest soil characterization, this review of the physical, chemical and biological properties of forest soils, and their implications on forest vegetation, discusses topics from nutrient science to climate change.

Rocks, Minerals and Soils.- Physical Properties of Forest Soils.-  Chemical Properties of Forest Soils,- Organic Matter of Forest Soils.- Biological Properties of Forest Soils.- Nutrient Dynamics in Forest Soil.- Forest Types and Their Associated Soils.- Forest Disturbances and Soil Degradation.- Forest Soil and Climate Change.- Objectives of Forest Soil Management.- Index.
Forest soil characteristics are not only unique but their interpretation also differs from cropland soils. Just as there are diverse forest types, there are many soil variants that need different management. Today, forest plantations are being intensively managed for profitable timber, pulpwood and energy production. Site selection, species selection, site productivity evaluation, silvicultural treatments, and soil amendments need crucial soil information. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the physical, chemical and biological properties of forest soils and their implications on forest vegetation. Topics discussed include: major forest types of the world and their associated soils; forest biomass and nutrient dynamics; organic matter turnover and nutrient recycling; forest soil disturbance; forest soil and climate change; and forest soil management and silvicultural treatments.

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