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The Spiritual Art of Dialogue

Mastering Communication for Personal Growth, Relationships, and the Workplace
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Robert Apatow
Inner Traditions
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Acknowledgments Preface Introduction 1. The Classical Model of Dialogue 2. Origins of Dialogue in Ancient Greece 3. Rules and Principles for Dialogue 4. The Ideal of Truth 5. The Human Drama 6. The Inner Dialogue 7. Zen and The Art of Dialogue 8. Love Relationships and Family 9. Dialogue in the Workplace 10. Creating A Dialogic Society: A Practical Proposal for Education Appendix I: Tools for Critical Reasoning Appendix II: Philosophical Midwifery For Personal Growth Bibliography
A guide to how Socratic principles of dialogue can be used for improving communication and developing satisfying relationships.
• Shows how to develop methods of dialogue for growth in personal and business relationships.

• Includes clear and detailed lessons on how to begin and hold a dialogue on important issues.

• Of great relevance to anyone seeking a higher level of communication.

The Spiritual Art of Dialogue introduces the reader to the lost art of dialogue--an art once used by such master philosophers as Socrates and Plato--as a present-day alternative to the therapist's couch. With straightforward examples and invaluable step-by-step instruction, the author shows how we can take control of our own lives when we understand the strength that resides in our ability to communicate, and how the very forms into which we place our words can improve--and empower--our personal and professional lives.

The frustration we experience in our relationships with lovers, family and friends, and in the workplace often results from our inability to talk productively with one another. The principles of dialogue can help us to identify negativity, unsound reasoning, and misplaced criticism, and to understand how we can use discussion as a form of play and as a means of discovering our true inner voice. The Spiritual Art of Dialogue highlights the importance of being truthful with ourselves, and about ourselves, so that we resist falling into old and destructive patterns of communication, and shows how dialogue has the power to help us achieve personal and spiritual growth by bringing us together--as friends--in a shared search for the truth and genuine understanding.