Atlas of Heart Failure

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Wilson S. Colucci

Atlas of Heart Failure will further explore the impressive strides that have been made in the pathophysiology of heart failure at all levels, including molecular changes and the integrated circulatory system. This new edition offers a current overview of normal cardiac function and approaches that can be used to manage the system. Authors of the chapters provide up-to-date charts and graphs depicting new modalities available for treatment, management options, and syndrome etiology.
The atlas presents hundreds of high quality images in step with the latest developments in medicine. It contains hand-drawn illustrations along with an in-depth explanation of each image. New material in this fifth edition includes chapters on mechanical assist devices, and cardiac resynchronization therapy.
Now in its fourth edition, the Atlas of Heart Failure provides a comprehensive up-to-date overview of normal cardiac function, the mechanisms of dysfunction in heart failure, and the therapeutic approaches that are available to manage the syndrome. Designed to provide a detailed and comprehensive visual exposition of all aspects of cardiac function and dysfunction, this atlas contains several hundred images, each accompanied by detailed captions, carefully selected by expert authors, and reviewed by the editor.

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