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The Inbetweenness of Things

Materializing Mediation and Movement between Worlds
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Paul Basu
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List of FiguresList of ContributorsAcknowledgements1. The Inbetweenness of ThingsPaul Basu, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, UKMuseums as Sites of Inbetweenness2. The Inbetweenness of the Vitrine: Three Parerga of a Feather Headdress Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll, Independent Artist/Curator, UK3. The Buzz of Displacement: Liminality amongst Burmese Court Objects in Oxford, London and YangonSandra H. Dudley, University of Leicester, UK4. Object and Spirit Agency: The G'psgolox Poles as Mediators within and between Colonized and Colonizer CulturesStacey R. Jessiman, Stanford University, USAMasquerades and Mediation5. At the Centre of Everything? A Nigerian Mask and Its HistoriesJohn Picton, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, UK6. Amòdu and the Material Manifestation of EégúnWill Rea, University of Leeds, UKSyncretism, Intercession and Iconoclash 7. Desire, Imitation and Ambiguity in Asmat SculptureNick Stanley, British Museum, UK8. Animating Relationships: Inca Conopa and Modern Illa as Meditating ObjectsBill Sillar, University College London, UK9. Visual Diplomacy: Art Circulation and Iconoclashes in the Kingdom of BamumSilvia Forni, Royal Ontario Museum, CanadaHybridity in Form and Function10. Mediating between Mayas and the Art Market: The Traditional-yet-Contemporary Carved Gourd VesselMary Katherine Scott, University of Wyoming, USA11. Queen Victoria's Samoan BonnetCatherine Cummings, University of Exeter, USA12. The Indigenization of the Transcultural Teacup in Colonial CanadaMadeline Rose Knickerbocker, Simon Fraser University, Canada and Lisa Truong, Carleton University, CanadaBetween Image, Text and Object13. 'Curious Statues so Cunningly Contrived': Plato's Silenus, Inwardness and InbetweennessLucy Razzall, Queen Mary, University of London, UK14, Coinage between Cultures: Mediating Power in Roman MacedoniaClare Rowan, University of Warwick, UKIndex
We habitually categorize the world in binary logics of 'animate' and 'inanimate', 'natural' and 'supernatural', 'self' and 'other', 'authentic' and 'inauthentic'. The Inbetweenness of Things rejects such Western classificatory traditions - which tend to categorize objects using bounded notions of period, place and purpose - and argues instead for a paradigm where objects are not one thing or another but a multiplicity of things at once. Adopting an 'object-centred' approach, with contributions from material culture specialists across various disciplines, the book showcases a series of objects that defy neat classification. In the process, it explores how 'things' mediate and travel between conceptual worlds in diverse cultural, geographic and temporal contexts, and how they embody this mediation and movement in their form. With an impressive range of international authors, each essay grounds explorations of cutting-edge theory in concrete case studies. An innovative, thought-provoking read for students and researchers in anthropology, archaeology, museum studies and art history which will transform the way readers think about objects.

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