Neither Enemies nor Friends
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Neither Enemies nor Friends

Latinos, Blacks, Afro-Latinos
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S. Oboler
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Part I: Comparative Racialization in the Americas * Flows and Counterflows: Latinas/os, Blackness, and Racialization in Hemispheric Perspective - Suzanne Oboler and Anani Dzidzienyo * Part II: The Politics of Racialization in Latin America * A Region in Denial: Racial Discrimination and Racism in Latin America - Ariel E. Dulitzky * Afro-Ecuadorian Responses to Racism: Between Citizenship and Corporatism - Carlos de la Torre * The Foreignness of Racism: Pride and Prejudice Among Peru's Limeños in the 1990s - Suzanne Oboler * Bad Boys and Peaceful Garifuna: Transnational Encounters Between Racial Stereotypes of Honduras and the United States (and Their Implications for the Study of Race in the Americas) - Mark Anderson * Afro-Mexico: Blacks, Indígenas, Politics, and the Greater Diaspora - Bobby Vaughn * The Changing World of Brazilian Race Relations? - Anani Dzidzienyo * Part III: The Politics of Racialization in the United States * Framing the Discussion of African American-Latino Relations: A Review and Analysis - John J. Betancur * Neither White nor Black: The Representation of Racial Identity Among Puerto Ricans on the Island and in the U.S. Mainland - Jorge Duany * Scripting Race, Finding Place: African Americans, Afro-Cubans, and the Diasporic Imaginary in the United States - Nancy Raquel Mirabal * Identity, Power, and Socioracial Hierarchies Among Haitian Immigrants in Florida - Louis Herns Marcelin * Interminority Relations in Legislative Settings: The Case of African Americans and Latinos - José E. Cruz * African American and Latina/o Cooperation in Challenging Racial Profiling - Kevin R. Johnson * Racial Politics in Multiethnic America: Black and Latina/o Identities and Coalitions - Mark Sawyer * Racism in the Americas and the Latino Scholar - Silvio Torres-Saillant * Witnessing History: An Octogenarian Reflects on Fifty Years of African American-Latino Relations - Nelson Peery
In this collection, leading scholars focus on the contemporary meanings and diverse experiences of blackness in specific countries of the hemisphere, including the United States. The anthology introduces new perspectives on comparative forms of racialization in the Americas and presents its implications both for Latin American societies, and for Latinos' relations with African Americans in the U.S.