Firm Innovation and Productivity in Latin America and the Caribbean
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Firm Innovation and Productivity in Latin America and the Caribbean

The Engine of Economic Development
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Matteo Grazzi
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Emphasizes the importance of micro-level analysis for understanding slow productivity growth

Original quantitative analysis provides new evidence on the determinants of firm productivity

Contains specific analysis of the Caribbean, a traditionally understudied region
1. Determinants of Enterprise Performance in Latin America and the Caribbean: What Does the Micro Evidence Tell Us?; Carlo Pietrobelli, Matteo Grazzi, Adam Szirmai 2. Innovation Dynamics and Productivity: Evidence for Latin America; Gustavo Crespi, Ezequiel Tacsir, Fernando Vargas 3. Innovative Activity in the Caribbean: Drivers, Benefits, and Obstacles; Preeya Mohan, Eric Strobl, Patrick Watson 4. ICT, Innovation and Productivity: Evidence from Firms in Latin America and the Caribbean; Matteo Grazzi, Juan Jung 5. On-the-Job Training in Latin America and the Caribbean: Recent Evidence; Carolina González Velosa, David Rosas, Roberto Flores 6. Business Performance in Young Latin American Firms; Hugo Kantis, Juan Federico, Pablo Angelelli, Sabrina Ibarra García 7. Different Obstacles for Different Productivity Levels? An Analysis of Caribbean Firms; Alison Cathles, Siobhan Pangerl 8. Credit Access in Latin American Enterprises; Andrea F. Presbitero, Roberta Rabellotti 9. International Linkages, Value Added Trade and Firm Productivity in LAC; Pierluigi Montalbano, Silvia Nenci, Carlo Pietrobelli 10. Innovation and Productivity in Latin American and Caribbean Firms: Conclusion; Matteo Grazzi, Carlo Pietrobelli, Adam Szirmai
This volume uses the study of firm dynamics to investigate the factors preventing faster productivity growth in Latin America and the Caribbean, pushing past the limits of traditional macroeconomic analyses. Each chapter is dedicated to an examination of a different factor affecting firm productivity - innovation, ICT usage, on-the-job-training, firm age, access to credit, and international linkages - highlighting the differences in firm characteristics, behaviors, and strategies. By showcasing this remarkable heterogeneity, this collection challenges regional policymakers to look beyond one-size-fits-all solutions and create balanced policy mixes tailored to distinct firm needs.

This book is open access under a CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 IGO license.