Book of Sides: Original, One-Page Scenes for Actors and Directors
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Book of Sides: Original, One-Page Scenes for Actors and Directors

Original, One-Page Scenes for Actors and Directors
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Dave Kost
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intro; scenes grouped by theme
Looking for fresh, original scenes for your fast-paced acting or directing class? Tired of the same old material everyone recognizes? Want the flexibility to play any character in any scene? Book of Sides: Original, Short Scenes for Actors and Directors offers scenes that are considerably shorter than those in similar books but still feature the structure of typical scenes with arcs, clear playable objectives, and stakes for both actors. Here you will find scenes that are:One-page in length and specially designed for new, high-intensity exercises that help students develop quicklyPrinted in an easily readable, film-script format that provides plenty of room for annotationsCompletely original, allowing you to produce and distribute reinterpretations without worrying about copyright restrictionsUniversally castable, with roles that can be assigned to actors regardless of gender, appearance, skill level, or race Simple and conducive to performing in the classroom without props, costumes, or setsPerfect for audition workshops and crowded directing or acting classes where everyone wants an opportunity to performWritten in accessible, contemporary language that keeps student actors engagedDon't miss out! In Book of Sides, Dave Kost brings two decades of teaching experience to the table to deliver the ideal set of scenes for busy classroom settings, auditions, and general training.

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