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The Legacy Family Way

How to Foster Family Relationships to Create Lasting Wealth
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Cindy Arledge
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Making money is easy, the harder task is keeping it. Even more difficult is transferring wealth to the next generation. A small group of ultra-rich families, known as Legacy Families, use a family-first, values-centered blueprint to successfully transfer wealth. Legacy Family Planning is the revolutionary estate planning tool and is the best kept secret to create a lasting legacy.

In her book, Cur$e of Inheritance, Cindy Arledge shares the myths and misconceptions surrounding inheritance and educates readers on the importance of anticipating death. The Legacy Family Way is a continuation of the journey to provide for your family's future and create lasting wealth.

Cindy combines the spiritual lessons she learned in the aftermath of her parents' death with the secrets of the super-rich to create the Legacy Family Way. In the book you will discover:

• The Three Pillars of Lasting Wealth

• Why traditional estate planning isn't enough to protect your family

• Four critical ingredients for creating a Legacy Family

• The three phases of Legacy Family Planning process

• Introduction to the 21 Key Characteristics of Legacy Families

• Step-by-step instructions to create your Legacy Family Plan

Whether you implement your Legacy Family Plan yourself, or hire a professional to help, this book provides the most comprehensive, engaging blueprint to create lasting wealth for your family.

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