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Literary Expressions of African Spirituality

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Carol P. Marsh-Lockett
Lexington Books
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Carol Marsh-Lockett and Elizabeth J. West
Section 1: Imagining African Faith Systems in the Postmodern World
John C. Hawley
Voodoomation: A Book of Foretelling
Melvin Rahming

James Manigault-Bryant
The Heart of Redness
Erica L. Still

Section 2: Integrations of the African and the Western in New World Black Atlantic Writing
Roberto Strongman
Kameelah Martin
Artress Bethany White

Section 3: African Deities and Divinations as Forces in New World Black Works
Breath, Eyes, Memory
Beauty Bragg
Darryl Dickson-Carr
The Best Man
Georgene Bess Montgomery
Masters of the Dew
Mario Chandler
With a focus on the connected spiritual legacy of the black Atlantic, Literary Expressions of African Spirituality leads the way to more comprehensive trans-geographical studies of African spirituality in black art. With essays focusing on African spirituality in creative works by several trans-Atlantic black authors across varying locations in the Ameri-Atlantic diaspora, this collection reveals and examines their shared spiritual cosmology. Diasporic in scope, Literary Expressions of African Spirituality offers new readings of black literatures through the prism of spiritual memory that survived the damaging impact of trans-Atlantic slaving. This memory is a significant thread that has often been missed in the reading and teaching of the literatures of the African diaspora. Essays in this collection explore unique black angles of seeing and ways of knowing that characterize African spiritual presence and influence in trans-Atlantic black artistic productions. Essays exploring works ranging from turn-of-the-century African American figure W.E.B. DuBois, South African novelist Zakes Mda, Haitian novelists Edwidge Danticat and Jacques Roumain, as well as African belief systems such as Voudoun and Candomble, provide a scope not yet offered in a single published volume. This collection explores the deep and often unconscious spiritual and psychosocial connectedness of people of African descent in the African and Ameri-Atlantic world.