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Social Culture and High-Tech Economic Development

The Technopolis Columns
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F. Phillips
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List of Tables List of Figures List of Abbreviations Acknowledgements Preface List of Contributors Introduction: Technology-based Economic Development and The Initiatives that Advance It; F.Phillips PART 1: AUSTIN Toward a Modern Economics; F.Phillips Memoir on the History of the Austin Software Council; F.Phillips The Austin Experience: Behind the Success Factors; F.Phillips Toward an Intellectual Foundation for 'Shared Prosperity'; F.Phillips The Business School in a Time of Transition; F.Phillips Anointing a 'City of Light and Wisdom'; D.V.Gibson Advantage Austin II; G.Kozmetsky & P.A.Hayes PART 2: PORTLAND Portland Looks at International Benchmarks; F.Phillips The Power of Combination: Three Unpopular Truths about Civic Entrepreneurship; F.Phillips Gaining on Us and Closing Fast; F.Phillips Sometimes, Montana; F.Phillips Lack of Investment Puts Portland Behind; F.Phillips Twelve Hurdles for an MOT Program: How and Why to Overcome them; F.Phillips Do We Know How to Play this Game? Some Thoughts on Regional Leadership; R.R.Shaw Bring Back Oregon's Common Sense of Purpose; C.Orloff Please, Portland, Don't Pearlize Joe's Garage; P.Ouellette PART 3: AND BEYOND Sustaining a Technopolis Initiative; F.Phillips WTO vs. WTA? The World Trade Organization's Impact on Technopolis; F.Phillips Why Do Universities Transfer Technology?; F.Phillips Universities and Incubators; F.Phillips Does Place Matter? Quality of Life and Wandering Alumni; F.Phillips Short Takes; F.Phillips Technology is the Engine of a New Russian Revolution; D.V.Gibson Conclusion; F.Phillips Appendix Works Cited Bibliography Index
Techno-regions have generated most of the new jobs in the past decade and this technology is driving economic development; however, problems persist. This book highlights the potential pitfalls and suggests methods by which a sustainable, distinctive and prosperous technology-based regional economy can exist.