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Community Care in Perspective

Care, Control and Citizenship
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J. Welshman
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List of Figures List of Tables Acknowledgements Notes of Contributors List of Abbreviations Timeline Introduction; J.Welshman & J. Walmsley PART ONE: IDEOLOGY AND IDEAS Ideology, Ideas and Care in the Community, 1948-71; J.Welshman Ideology, Ideas and Care in the Community, 1971-2001; J.Walmsley PART TWO: ORGANIZATIONS AND STRUCTURES Organizations and Structures 1948-71: From Control to Care?; J.Welshman Organizations and Structures 1971-2001: From Care to Citizenship?; J.Walmsley Devolved Policy for People with Learning Difficulties in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland; R.Chapman PART THREE: THE UK EXPERIENCE IN INTERNATIONAL CONTEXT Intellectual Disabilities in the USA: From the Institution to the Community, 1948-2001; J.W.Trent The Development of Community Services for People with Learning Disabilities in Norway and Sweden; J.Tøssebro Community Care in Canada, 1945-2005: Ontario; T.Stainton The Mirror Cracked: Care in the Community in Victoria, Australia; K.Johnson PART FOUR: EXPERIENCES People with Learning Difficulties: Perspectives and Experiences; S.Ledger & K.Owen The Role and Perspectives of Families; S.Rolph In the Shadow of the Poor Law: Workforce Issues; D.Mitchell & J.Welshman Implementation of Community Care: Case Studies; D.Atkinson & S.Rolph The Voluntary Sector; L.Tilley Conclusion; J.Welshman & J.Walmsley Bibliography Index
This cohesive collection fills a major gap in medical and social history by offering a detailed account of community provision for so-called 'vulnerable adults' in the UK from 1948-2005. It examines key issues such as charity versus rights, the role of the market in care provision and the changing construction of social categories.