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On Media Memory

Collective Memory in a New Media Age
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M. Neiger
Palgrave Macmillan Memory Studies
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Note on Contributors Editors' Introduction PART I: MEDIA MEMORY: THEORY AND METHODOLOGIES Cannibalizing Memory in the Global Flow of News; B.Zelizer The Democratic Potential of Mediated Collective Memory; J.A.Edy 'Round Up the Unusual Suspects': Banal Commemoration and the Role of the Media; V.Vinitzky-Seroussi Media Remembering: The Contribution of Life Story Methodology to Memory/Media Research; J.Bourdon PART II: MEDIA MEMORY, ETHICS AND WITNESSING Between Moral Activism and Archival Memory: The Testimonial Project of 'Breaking the Silence'; T.Katriel & N.Shavit Reclaiming Asaba: Old Media, New Media and the Construction of Memory; S.E.Bird Joint Memory: Mediating Evil and Suffering in a Digital Era; T.Ashuri PART III: MEDIA MEMORY AND POPULAR CULTURE Television and the Imagination of Memory ('Life on Mars'); P.Frosh Life History and National Memory: The Israeli Television Program 'Such a Life' (1972-2001); A.Ben-Amos & J.Bourdon History, Memory, and Means of Communication: The Case of Jew Süss; N.Sheffi Localizing Collective Memory: Radio Broadcasts and the Construction of Regional Memory; M.Neiger, E.Zandberg & O.Meyers Televising the Sixties in Spain: Memories and Historical Constructions; J.C.R.Laffond PART IV: MEDIA MEMORY, JOURNALISM AND JOURNALISTIC PRACTICE Obamabilia and the Historic Moment: Institutional Authority and 'Deeply Consequential Memory' in Keepsake Journalism; C.Kitch Telling the Unknown through the Familiar: Collective Memory as Journalistic Device in a Changing Media Environment; D.Berkowitz Journalism as an Agent of Prospective Memory; K.Tenenboim-Weinblatt Towards Memory Setting: A Theoretical Examination of the Application of Agenda Setting Methodology to Collective Memory Research; N.K.Vilenchik PART V: NEW MEDIA MEMORY Digital Media, Global Memory: Developing an Epistemology for the Globital; A.Reading Archive, Media, Trauma; A.Pinchevski Mediated Space, Mediated Memory: Reflection, Impasses and Re-presentation at the Holocaust Memorial, Berlin; I.Dekel From Collective to Connective Memory; A.Hoskins Index
This volume offers a comprehensive discussion of Media Memory and brings Media and Mediation to the forefront of Collective Memory research. The essays explore a diversity of media technologies (television, radio, film and new media), genres (news, fiction, documentaries) and contexts (US, UK, Spain, Nigeria, Germany and the Middle East).