The Human Centered Brand

A Practical Guide to Being Yourself in Business
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Nela Dunato
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Promote your business with clarity, ease, and authenticity.The Human Centered Brand is a practical branding guide for service based businesses and creatives, that helps you grow meaningful relationships with your clients and your audience.If you're a writer, marketing consultant, creative agency owner, lawyer, illustrator, designer, developer, psychotherapist, personal trainer, dentist, painter, musician, bookkeeper, or other type of service business owner, the methods described in this book will assist you in expressing yourself naturally and creating a resonant, remarkable, and sustainable brand.Read this book to learn:Why conventional branding approaches don't work for service based businesses.How to identify your core values and use them in your business and marketing decisions.Different ways you can make your business unique among all the competition.How to express yourself verbally through your website, emails, articles, videos, talks, podcasts...What makes your "ideal clients" truly ideal, and how to connect with real people who appreciate you as you are.How to craft an effective tagline.What are the most important elements of a visual brand identity, and how to use them to design your own brand.How to craft an exceptional client experience and impress your clients with your professionalism.How your brand relates to your business model, pricing, company culture, fashion style, and social impact.Whether you're a complete beginner or have lots of experience with marketing and design, you'll get new insights about your own brand, and fresh ideas you'll want to implement right away. The companion workbook, checklists, templates, and other bonuses ensure that you not only learn new information, but create a custom brand strategy on your own.Learn more at

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