Assessment of NOS and GLUTS in development of the rabbit placenta

Technical report on the appearance and localization of NOS and GLUTS at the process of normal rabbit placentation
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Hamayun Khan
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Since the early~mid pregnancy in rabbit is very critical for the continued existence of the growing fetus and most of the embryonic loss occur during that period. Therefore,the clarification of up regulation of these factor in the development of the rabbit placenta during successful pregnancy demonstrated its physiological significance whereas localization of these factors in the diverse types of trophoblast or in the vascular system of rabbit placenta indicated that all the four factor play a fundamental role in the placentogenesis as well as in the organogenesis of rabbit embryo/fetus, NOS especially for placental angiogenesis and vascular maturation of placenta to make the availability of ample blood supply to growing fetus while Glucose transporters work as a fuel for smooth functioning of placenta which is indispensable for the maintenance of successful pregnancy as well as for the survival and healthy growth of the developing fetus.These data can be served as a baseline in developmental anatomy for future researches to evaluate these factors by the effect of various prenatal stressors such as maternal Hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia on the development of placenta and fetus

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