An uncompressed image encryption Algorithm based on DNA sequnces

A New Approach For Audio And Video Encryption Algorithm Based On DNA Sequences
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Shima Ramesh
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This book proposes a new technique for the verification of authenticity of transmitted images through the Internet The rapid growth of the Internet and digitized content made image, video and audio distribution simpler. Hence the need for image data protection is on the rise. In this paper, we propose a secure and computationally feasible image, video and audio encryption/decryption algorithm based on DNA sequences. The main purpose of this algorithm is to reduce the big image encryption time. This algorithm is implemented by using the natural DNA sequences as main keys. The first part is the process of pixel scrambling. The original image is confused in the light of the scrambling sequence which is generated by the DNA sequence. The second part is the process of pixel replacement. The pixel gray values of the new image and the one of the three encryption templates generated by the other DNA sequence are XORed bit-by-bit in turn. The main scope of this paper is to propose an extension of this algorithm to videos and audios and making it secure using modern Biological technology. A security analysis for the proposed system is performed and presented.

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