Performance Evaluation of Zebu Cattle in Ethiopia

Ex-situ phenotypic performance of Ogaden cattle under on station management at Haramaya University, Eastern Ethiopia
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There were Ogaden cattle stationed at Haramaya University long time before. The aim of introducing the animals from Ogaden area and maintaining them in the University was to evaluate their beef production potential. However, there were a confusion that many people believe the breed can be grouped under Ethiopian Boran because of their white color. That is why this study had been conducted to know the similarity and difference between Ogaden and Boran cattle breeds on the basis of their morphological characteristics, reproductive and growth performance traits evaluation. Based on the evaluation made though some of the physical traits of Ogaden cattle are similar to Boran, they differ from Boran in any other traits. The Ogaden have white grey to white coat color where as the Boran coat color is light grey or fawn and some of them have patches. Horns of Boran are thick based where as the Ogaden breed has normal based horns. The hump of Ogaden bulls is pyramidal in shape where as Boran Bulls have humps hanging over one side. Borans have more pendulous sheath where as the Ogaden breed has tied up sheath. The breed has also promising growth and reproductive performance compared to others.

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