The Jurisdiction of ICC over the Crime of Terrorism

The Jurisdiction of International Criminal court over the Crime of Terrorism
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The issue of terrorism as an international crime has become a day to day activity for politicians, lawyers and the media both at the international and national levels. Since the conception of treating core international crimes through deploying international instruments and institutions like the International Criminal Court (ICC), the opt for including the crime of terrorism in the jurisdiction of ICC was a point of debate. The untold savages of terrorist acts from which the international community is suffering still beg the question that "is it not fair enough to treat the crime of terrorism similar to other international crimes like genocide, war crime and crime against humanity?" Therefore, it is vital to analyze and forward learned recommendations to uncover this volatile issue. The tension between acting unilaterally or in concert as it is happening in the existing international law and collective reaction to combat terrorism as it has been called out loud to be so has to be researched and put in place. The theme of this book is, therefore, to identify the sticking factor/s in extending the jurisdiction of ICC so as to include the crime of terrorism.

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