Levels of aspiration, Generation gap in tribal students of Paderu ITDA

Aspiration, generation gap and Educational development in tribals
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Robba Someswara Varahala Dora
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The present study aimed at to study the present situation of the academic development among tribal students studying at secondary level in relation to the aspirations in the present generation. This study was conducted in tribal area of Visakhapatnam district, Andhra Pradesh. Which was said to be the region called agency. The researcher made on attempt to know the aspirations of the parents, students and teachers who are working in the schools under ITDA. It is observed that either social or economic background is nothing to do with the aspirations. In other words it can be put to understand that the parents, however, they are poor aspire that their children be educated at an equity level. As regards the parents the income and their educational status played a key role in moulding their children. It is the educated parents who know well about the importance of education. The parents of the tribal children are still remain illiterate as they are away from the benefits of education centers. As far as the students are concerned their sex, and age, do have impact on the levels of aspiration on their educational development. Usually their age and sex do not correspond their educational.

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