Are Saudis intrinsically motivated to learn English?

Aspects of Intrinsic Motivation in Saudi EFL Learners
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This book presents the results of an experimental study designed to measure the levels of intrinsic motivation in learners of English as a foreign language in Saudi Arabia. The book starts with a comprehensive review of related literature that explains how previous studies and scholarly sources have dealt with the topic of the study (intrinsic motivation). It then reports on how the experimental investigation was conducted. As part of the study, a 28-item structured survey was administered to a randomly selected sample of 55 Saudi EFL learners from public schools and universities. Data collected through the study were subjected to some basic statistical analyses, such as "mean" and "standard deviation". Based on the results from the analyses, a number of generalizations and conclusions are made in relation to the role of intrinsic motivation in the attainment of English as a foreign language in the Saudi educational setting. In addition, some recommendations are offered, which may enable Saudi teachers and learners of English as a foreign language to achieve better learning outcomes in an area widely associated by Saudis with lack of success.

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