The outer ganges delta

Detection of the geomorphology, geology and the coastline changes
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Syed Ashraful Ferdous
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The present report book has dealt with the outer part of the Ganges Delta belonging to Bangladesh. In this research work utilized the satellite images to detect the geomorphologic and surficial geologic units of this region implementing the techniques of remote sensing. As a newly borne technology, remote sensing has been introduced here specifically. Besides, the research person also worked with the borehole data to determine the subsurface geology of this outer delta region. In addition to these, the coastline change occurred over the 16 years interval has also been determined with these techniques. Moreover, the active geologic processes and the geo-hazards of this region have also been outlined precisely determining from the previous works of the outer delta that have been carried out until this thesis was running. The people who are interested in studying the Ganges Delta, or intending to proceed for farther research about it, or going to carry out their research regarding any similar other delta of the world can find necessary tracks and information here. The terms 'upper' and 'lower' have been used synonymously for 'inner' and 'outer' deltas, respectively inside this book.

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