Economic Language in Luke-Acts:

A theological and economic reading of the Lukan text
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P A McGavin
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Because the Christian religion is about the acts of the God-Man, Jesus of Nazareth, it treats human issues in a human way. Although there is no direct interest in the New Testament in matters economic, there is much economic material in the NT. This is especially so in the Lukan writings, St Luke's Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles. These books tend to be treated by theologians as theological texts, and sometimes by economists as economic texts. The author of this book has graduate degrees and publications in both theology and in economics. The book thus gives an integrated reading that is informed both by NT and Economic scholarship - although it is mainly a theological reading. The book draws on the original Greek text, but in ways that are accessible for readers without Greek and without expertise in NT Studies; and also draws on Economics in ways that are accessible to readers without formal Economics.It is thus useful to an intelligent reader who seeks an appreciation of the varieties of uses of economic language in the two- volume text, Luke-Acts, and how the evangelist employs this language in his proclamation of the Gospel.

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