The Organism of the Letter

Structure Failure in Virginia Woolf's The Waves
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Einav Ketraro
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This book examines Virginis Woolf's The Waves as a
point of crises in her writing career: in her
previous works, Woolf was able to construct iambic
rhythm and topological shapes as substitutes for
that part of the symbolic which did not work for
her. The rhythm and the topological structures Woolf
assigns in her texts serve as her sinthomatic
solution; the singular solution of the subject in
the form of his creation. Both the rhythm and the
topological shapes are symbolic prosthetic
substitutes that hold the real in a net-like form.
When that net breaks, as happens in The Waves, Woolf
is left facing the real. Woolf s constructed rhythm
is the solution she comprises as a result of a
racing pulse that indexes an irregularity of the
symbolic. The topological shapes are Woolf s attempt
at creating an imaginary, non-specular body; the
topological shapes give body to Woolf's real
organism and serve as their extension. This book
also reveals Woolf's inability to continue
manufacturing her organism, and her failure at
composing a substitute rhythm. This failure, as
manifested in The Waves, leads to Woolf s fatal
passage into an object, and to her eventual suicide.

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