Frontiers in Statistical Quality Control 10
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Frontiers in Statistical Quality Control 10

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Hans-Joachim Lenz
Frontiers in Statistical Quality Control
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Part I On-line Control:.- A GLR Control Chart for Monitoring the Process Variance by Marion R. Reynolds, Jr., and Jianying Lou.- On the Robustness of the Shewhart Control Chart to Diffrent Types of Dependencies in Data by Olgierd.- Assessing the Impact of Autocorrelation in Misleading Signals in Simultaneous Residual Schemes for the Process Mean and Variance: a Stochastic Ordering Approach by Patricia Ferreira Ramos, Manuel Cabral Morais, Antonio Pacheco and Wolfgang Schmid.- More on Control Charting under Drift by Sven Knoth.- Limit Properties of EWMA Charts for Stationary Processes by Manuel Cabral Morais, Yarema Okhrin, and Wolfgang Schmid.- Economic Control Chart Policies for Monitoring Variables when there are Two Components of Variance by Erwin Saniga, James Lucas, Darwin Davis, and Thomas McWilliams.- Process Monitoring Using an Online Nonlinear Data Reduction Based Control Chart by Issam Ben Khediri and Claus Weihs.- On the Integration of SPC and APC: APC can be a Convenient Support for SPC by Ken Nishina, Masanobu Higashide, Hironobu Kawamura, and Naru Ishii.- Process Adjustment Control Chart for Simultaneous Monitoring of Process Capability and State of Statistical Control by Hironobu Kawamura, Ken Nishina and Tomomichi Suzuki.- Adaptive Threshold Methods for Monitoring Rates in Public Health Surveillance by Linmin Gan, William H. Woodall, and John L. Szarka.- Spatiotemporal Bio Surveillance Under Non-homogeneous Population by Sung Won Han, Wei Jiang, and Kwok-Leung Tsui.- Monitoring Hospital-Associated Infections with Control Charts by Christina M. Mastrangelo and Anna M. Gillan.- Design and Implementation of Systems for Monitoring Lifetime Data  by Emmanuel Yashchin.- A Robust Detection Procedure for Multiple Change Points of Linear Trends by Seiichi Yasui, Hidehisa Noguchi and Yoshikazu Ojima.- Risk-adjusted Cumulative Sum Charting Procedures by Fah F. Gan, Lin Lin, and Chok K. Loke.- Bayesian Sampling Plans for Inspection by Variables by Peter-Th. Wilrich.- Quality Assessment in the Presence of Additional Data in Photovoltaics by Sabine Meisen, Andrey Pepelyshev and Ansgar Steland.- On Practical Uses of ISO Standards - Two Case Studies by Jürgen Iwersen.- Part II Off-line Control: Hybrid Space-Filling Designs for Computer Experiments by Rachel T. Johnson, Douglas C. Montgomery and Kathryn S. Kennedy.- Optimal Design for Multifactor Life Testing Experiments for Exponentially Distributed Lifetimes by Brandon R. Englert, Steven E. Rigdon, Connie M. Borror, Douglas C. Montgomery and Rong Pan.- Accelerated Lifetime Testing of Thermal Insulation Elements by Rainer Göb, Kristina Lurz, and Ulrich Heinemann.- Proposal of Advanced Taguchi's Linear Graphs for Split-Plot Experiments by Tomomichi Suzuki, Hironobu Kawamura, Seiichi Yasui and Yoshikazu Ojima.- A Practical Variable Selection for Linear Models by Hidehisa Noguchi, Yoshikazu Ojima, and Seiichi Yasui.- Capability of Detection for Poisson Distributed Measurements by Normal Approximations by Yusuke Tsutsumi, Hironobu Kawamura, and Tomomichi Suzuki.- Business Data Quality Control - a Step by Step Procedure by Hans-J. Lenz and Esther Borowski.- Data Quality: Algorithms for Automatic Detection of Unusual Measurements by Ross Sparks and Chris OkuGami.- Uncertainty and Quality Control by Elart von Collani.
The 10th International Workshop on Intelligent Statistical Quality Control took place in Seattle, USA, Aug 18-20, 2010. It was hosted by Professor C. M. Mastrangelo, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle. The workshop was jointly organized by Professors H. J. Lenz, C. M. Mastrangelo, W. Schmid and P.T. Wilrich. The twenty-seven papers in this volume were carefully selected by the scientific program committee, reviewed by its members, revised by the authors and, finally, adapted for this volume by the editors.

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