Uncertainty-Based Information

Elements of Generalized Information Theory
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Previously published in hardcover
George J. Klir
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Introduction : Significance of Uncertainty; Uncertainty and Information.- Uncertainty Formalizations : Classical Sets: Terminology and Notation; Fuzzy Set Theory. Fuzzy Operations. Fuzzy Subsethood. Cylindric Extensions. Types of Fuzzy Sets; Fuzzy Measure Theory; Evidence Theory. Upper and Lower Probabilities; Probability Theory; Possibility Theory; Overview of Uncertainty Theories.- Uncertainty Measures : Nonspecifity. Hartley Function. U -uncertainty. Nonspecifity in Evidence Theory. Nonspecifity of Sets in n-Dimensional Euclidean Space. Generalized Hartley-Like Measures of Nonspecifity ; Conflict. Shannon Entropy. Entropy-Like Measure in Evidence Theory. Conflict in Possibility Theory; Aggregate Uncertainty in Evidence Theory. General Algorithm. for Computing Function AU . Computing Function AU in Possibility Theory; Fuzziness; Summary of Uncertainty Measures.- Principles of Uncertainty : Principle of Minimum Uncertainty; Principle of Maximum Uncertainty; Principle of Uncertainty Invariance. Probability-Possibility Transformations. Approximations of Fuzzy Sets. Approximations in Evidence Theory. Revised Probability-Possibility Transformations; Summary of Uncertainty Principles.- Conclusions : Appraisal of Current Results; Unresolved Problems; Future Directions.
Information is precious. It reduces our uncertainty in making decisions. Knowledge about the outcome of an uncertain event gives the possessor an advantage. It changes the course of lives, nations, and history itself. Information is the food of Maxwell's demon. His power comes from know ing which particles are hot and which particles are cold. His existence was paradoxical to classical physics and only the realization that information too was a source of power led to his taming. Information has recently become a commodity, traded and sold like or ange juice or hog bellies. Colleges give degrees in information science and information management. Technology of the computer age has provided access to information in overwhelming quantity. Information has become something worth studying in its own right. The purpose of this volume is to introduce key developments and results in the area of generalized information theory, a theory that deals with uncertainty-based information within mathematical frameworks that are broader than classical set theory and probability theory. The volume is organized as follows.