Basics Design ideas

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Design Ideas offers students a variety of different ways to go about finding a design solution. In addition to suggesting fundamental ways to get the creative process moving and develop a design approach, it also proposes various sources of inspiration for design ideas. It focuses on the three elements of place, form, and function, which can sometimes constitute immediate springboards for concrete designs. These elements must eventually be incorporated as the design process.
Subjects: Creativity in the design process; Sources of inspiration and design approaches; Working with place; Working with form; Working with function.

Introduction.- Creative force.- Creativity and finding ideas.- Experience.- Design approach and architectural language.- Creative principles.- Inspiration and stimulation.- Intuitive design with aids.- Implementing leitmotifs.- Guidelines from architecture.- Guidelines from other arts.- Deriving ideas from nature.- Geometry and mathematics.- Location - function - form .- Relating to location.- Topography and buildings.- Orientation.- Built environment.- Town planning requirements.- Dealing with the location.- Function.- Volume/area required.- Spatial programme.- Function scheme/organization of the building.- Working with the user.- Designing from function.- Finding form.- Construction.- Geometrical forms.- Free forms.- Proportion.- Elements and jointing principles.- Material quality.- The design idea.

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