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Beyond the Diversity

Biontya from Alabama meets Kediro from Kadzumnimkayo Africa, in Kulmental
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André Ekama
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Is there really a difference in the cultures of black African and black American? This is the question that comes to mind when you go through "Beyond the Diversity ". The main characters, Kediro;an African,and Biountya; a black American, met and fell in love. Each of them wanted to make use of the relationship to know the culture and tradition of the other. If Kediro finally fulfils his dream of getting to America, it is thanks to Biountya. She also would love to visit Africa and engage deeply in the traditions of her ancestors. The two of them live in Germany precisely in kumental where Biountya is an American military nurse and kediro is struggling in between jobs for survival. For him, he saw America as a land of glory where he would love to reside in and he became happier when he meets someone from there who could use her influence to open the doors of his dream to him. They get married in Alabama in America where she originates but she still plans on getting back to kumental. Is one part of kediro's dreams shattered? Biountya' s family also wanted to create ties with kediro's family in Africa. They really longed to travel one day to Africa to meet their in- laws. This obligation on their relationship, will permit the black American family to go and visit Africa where they have their ancestral roots. This is a mission that Kediro has to accomplish, but he has not been home for quite a long time and at times sees it as full of insecurity.

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