Dealing With Spiritual Amputators
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Dealing With Spiritual Amputators

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Godspower Elishason
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There are so many pointers that prove that an individual needs a miracle. Perhaps, your spiritual life is stagnant, you have been struggling in your own and trying your best, but you find that you are not making progress, perhaps there are hidden and clever devourers working against you, just sucking your money and resources away, you need a miracle. Perhaps you have what can be termed as a weak breakthrough. By the time the breakthrough comes, there would be sufficient debts on ground to swallow it. Although there is breakthrough but the breakthrough is not sufficient to carry the load that you have. You need a miracle.

Perhaps your promotion is being denied or delayed, you need a miracle. Perhaps your marital life is the type that can be referred to as the cat and mouse marriage. You need a miracle. Perhaps the enemy has converted your business to a desert and a wilderness, you need a miracle. It is a mystery for a person to take food stuffs to the marketplace for sale only to bring it back home without selling a single grain. Such an individual needs a miracle.

Perhaps you have a dead organ in your body, you need a miracle. Perhaps your life is following an evil family pattern, nobody has good marriage, good job, and good business in your family. You need a miracle. Anywhere you go, it would seems that someone has already got there before you to put a hindering barrier for you not to succeed there, you need a miracle. Perhaps you are under a siege of a very intelligent wicked network and you don't know who are your friends or enemies anymore, you need a miracle. The answer to these hidden mysteries in your life can be traceable to the evil powers of Spiritual Amputators. So through this book we are going to address how you can thoroughly get total freedom.