An Ethical Review of Corporate Social Responsibility. Singtel Touches Human "Plumage"

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Patrick Sim Puay-I
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Essay from the year 2000 in the subject Business economics - Marketing, Corporate Communication, CRM, Market Research, Social Media, grade: Credit, Griffith University, course: Master of Marketing, language: English, abstract: The essay addresses the corporate social responsibility programme of Singtel (Singapore Telecommunications), a "Touching Lives Fund" initiative, which will serve as the chosen CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programme to describe, explain, justify and assess ethical decision making and behaviour within the programme. It will also highlight the author's interests, body of knowledge and reflective ability to discuss these ethical issues.
SingTel is the largest telecommunications network in Singapore and in Southeast Asia. It has a combined mobile subscriber base of 185.3 million customers from its own operations and regional associates. SingTel has expanded aggressively outside and holds shares in many operators, such as Australian Optus and Cable and Wireless. Literally, almost everyone in Singapore would have a service account with Singtel some time or another.

The SingTel "Touching Lives Fund" programme is a fund-raising instrument under SingTel. It was initiated in 2002 for the purpose of raising donations for 30,000 less privileged children and youths aged 2 to 25 by funding programmes such as training and special education, school social work and counseling of youth from families facing problems and other socially-related issues. Till now, the programme has received S$12.8 million from all kinds of donors and given to charities. These donations are driven from various activities held in tandem to its objectives- of raising millions-for each year.

According to SingTel, the activities entail the following: SingTel matching dollar for dollar on flag day involving all of SingTel employees and their family members; Charity golf events and walks supported by business associates; Customers that use SingTel's allocated services raise funds; SingTel giving a dollar for every kilogram of old phone directories that were recycled.

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