Water Management Study for Rice Crop Using Staggered Growing Season

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Venkatesan Govindan
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At present we are under going water scarcity condition due to increase in water demand for irrigation, domestic, Industrial and other sectors. Availability of water remains almost constant making water deficit to go on increasing. In order to reduce water deficit between the water demand and water supply we have to think of water management techniques .Rice occupies about 40% of the irrigated area in India. It is the staple food for most of the people in India. It is a major consumer of our water resources. Its water requirement is almost two or three times grater than water requirement of most other crops. Any method by which water used for rice crop can be saved will be good for the country. If the entire area is brought under rice cultivation in a command area having a common base period, the peak water demand will be very high during certain months and if there was any shortfall of irrigation water during peak demand then it will affect entire rice crop. Instead if the rice crop is cultivated under staggered condition within the irrigation period, there will be reduction in peak demand and also if there is any shortfall, only certain percentage of area gets affected.

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