Multi Response Optimization of Die Sinker Edm for Alsic Composite

A Design of Experiments Technique to Optimization
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One of the important aspects that should be taken into consideration in the majority of manufacturing processes and,particularly, in processes related to Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is the correct selection of manufacturing conditions. Appropriate choice of the machining parameters and electrode material during electric discharge machining is fundamental to its performance and accuracy. This book presents a fundamental study of EDM by using two different electrode and aims at investigating the effect of EDM parameters on material removal rate (MRR) and tool wear rate(TWR) as an alternative method for machining Aluminium Silicon Carbide (AlSiC ) metal matrix composite produced with stir casting method. The primary aim of this research is to determine the optimal machining parameter conditions of intensity of current, pulse on time and pulse off time and proper electrode material for machining AlSiC workpiece using EDM. The concept of response surface methodology, with a well-designed experimental scheme named central composite design was used and a second order model capable of predicting the responses is developed. This model was further checked for its adequacy by ANOVA.

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