Environmental Management of Medical Wastes

Environmental Management, Epidemiological Effects, Risk Assessment, and Environmental Safety of Medical Wastes
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The management of medical waste is an issue of great concern and importance in view of potential public health risks associated with such wastes. These wastes now threatens the public since, the health care foundations are situated in heart of city and therefore medical waste, if not properly managed can cause dangerous infection and posses a potential threat to the surrounding environment, persons handling it and to the public. Health and environmental effects, uncertainty regarding regulations and negative perceptions by waste handles are some important concerns in health care waste management. This valuable book gives you the expertise of the authors' experience with this vital topic. Organized and presented in a clear, concise style-complete and practical-infectious and medical waste management covers every major and minor topic in this field. Also, covers the common methods of assessment the quantities and proportions of different constituents of wastes, their handling, treatment and disposal methods in different health-care settings. The risks of exposure, medical waste management regulatory acts, medical waste management procedures and control techniques are presented.

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