Cost Feasibility of Dam Construction in Third World Countries

An Investigation for some hidden Impacts & inclusion of their Cost influence in Cost of Dams in Third World Countries
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Muhammad Raza
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The book aimed to identify the factors impacted by construction of dam and influence of these impact factors in cost of dam construction. The book focuses on four fields of factors and each factor indicates and evaluates further particular impacts and their cost influence to cost dam. These factors or fields are environment, human life or social, economic and synergy in proposal. The research assesses three impacts from environmental factor, three impacts from human life field, three impacts from economic field and two aspects from synergy of proposal. The research has some limitations but the method adopted for this research ensures extraction of realistically and justifiably strong conclusion. The outcomes of the research confirms the hypotheses set for this research and identifies strong agreement form professionals and experts having strong expertise and experience about the factors impacted by the construction of dam and their inclusion as cost influence in cost of dam. In fact the aim of this study is to highlight the impacts due to construction of dam in third world countries specifically in Pakistan and conclusion and results of the research verifies.

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