The Development Devil: Brain Drain, Brain Stain and Brain Curtain

The Magnitude of Health-workforce Depletion in Sudan
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Mohamed Ali M Alamin
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Why are nations in Africa still developing countries despite more than half a century of independence? The African continent is among the richest in natural resources, but the poorest in development and infrastructure. Health and human development indicators are extremely poor in Africa, and the author's home country of Sudan is no exception. This book exposes the determinants behind this state of the continent's underdevelopment. The reasons behind Africa's underdevelopment are still up for debate. The term development devil is introduced in this book as a concise description of key development hampering factors. The development devil is composed of a triad of collective societal brain damaging factors; brain drain (skilled people migration), brain stain (the corruption) and brain curtain (neocolonialism). The first half of this book addresses this development devil triad. The second half focuses on the health workforce brain drain in Sudan, with deeper. The focus is on Khartoum State, discussing the magnitude of the health manager turnover and brain drain. This book is a valuable resource for global health & development advocates, health managers, and public health professionals.

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