Chemical Mutagenesis: Theory and Practical Application in Vicia faba L

Studies on the Induction of Variability in Vicia faba L
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Rafiul Amin Laskar
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In recent times, food scarcity becomes the major issue of the world especially in third world countries. The sustainable agricultural boost for yield, nutrition and adaptability of major crops is the sole solution to this grim situation. Grain legumes are protien rich affordable foods and are also vital source of micronutrients. Grain legumes complement cereals for improvement of nutrition quality of starch-based diets of the very poor. The narrowing genetic base of grain legumes due to selection pressure and environmental stress over the generation limits the availability of variations for breeding programmes. Genetic variability is cardinal for successful crop improvement programme, and induction of that genomic variability is the essence of mutation breeding. The overall aim of the present mutation breeding experiment is to improve the quality, diversity and performance of Vicia faba L. genotype with the objective of developing mutant varieties better adapted to human needs. The details of experimental outcome is described in this reference book for practical understanding of background, objectives and procedures of mutation breeding in grain legumes using chemical mutagenesis.

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