Prevalence and Risk Factors for Divorce in Sri Lanka

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Sampatha Goonewardena
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It has been noted that there is a high rise in the divorce rates in Sri Lanka in recent decades and number of single parent families are increasing. It is a sensitive area and we wish to find out the reasons for this increasing trend among various sectors in Sri Lanka and to note whether there is any difference among the sectors as well. The prevalence and associated risk factors that lead to a divorce, the socio-demographic profile of these divorces have not been scientifically studied. This study aims to determine the prevalence, risk factors and legal causes for divorce among the married women living in an urban, rural and estate sectors in Sri Lanka. We proposed to study this problem in three different districts of the country representing the urban, rural and estate sectors. The findings of the study would help to establish the causes and the risk factors for divorce in Sri Lanka. The risk behavior can also be identified and steps can be taken to reduce such cases. This will affect in a direct or in an indirect way on the young child's future psycho-social development and the outcome. This will affect the whole society at large.

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