Perceptions Of Postgraduate Students About Marriage And Mate Selection

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Sumangala Badami
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Mate Selection & Marriage are the most important events in the life of any person and it is the seed of future existence. It is necessary for the creation, sustenance and continuation of human beings. It is not just a state one enters into, but a domain of life that needs to be nurtured, so that it may provide couples what they are seeking in life i.e. emotional fulfillment. The bonds of marriage especially in the Indian culture go much beyond marital relationship. According to Hindu philosophy, marriage is a sanskar and a sacrament. It aims at the biological, emotional, social and spiritual fulfillment and the development of an individual. Hence 300 PG students chosen at random from purposely selected 7 colleges of Parbhani dist.,Maharashtra State(India) were personally interviewed based on the interview schedule cum checklist.Irrespective of the SES of PG students, 100% boys,82% girls wanted to get married for the reasons to have best and permanent companion and someone to care and share forever. The findings of the research study are very useful to youth, families,community,educators and researchers for getting enlightened about the changing trends in mate selection and marriage

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