Mapping of Air Pollutant Trend in Growing Urban Environment Using GIS

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Visakhapatnam is one of the major port cities in India. The city is the largest industrial based urban area. The industrialization of the city is started with the importance of its natural harbor & the Estb. of Hindustan Shipyard Ltd. In addition to the Estb. of Naval Dockyard during the second world war, which gave further town extension. The growth of the city, as a big industrial center, is started with the setting of 40 major & small-scale industries like Steel Plant, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd., Coromandel Fertilizers Ltd., Hindustan Zinc Ltd., L.G. Polymers Ltd., & B.H.P.V., etc. As a result of rapid industrialization that has lead to an increase of a No. big cities, nearly, 30% of the population of the country are living in urban areas alone. As a result, 33% of the total urban population is concentrated in million cities alone, & explosive growth of cities creates many serious problems like pollution of air, water & land, along with noise. At present, air pollution in urban areas has become a serious problem. The major factors responsible for pollution of air are vehicles & industries. In this book we have presented a trend of particulate & gaseous pollutant.

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