Hedging Devices in TEFL Research

Hedging Devices in Discussions Chapters of Jordanian and Turkish TEFLers' Theses and Dissertations: A Contrastive Study
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This study revolves around hedging devices included in TEFL research. The findings are useful for: First, examination committees of TEFL theses and dissertations may make use of the findings in: a) understanding to what extent the defenders of TEFL theses and dissertation have the knowledge about the subject under discussion. b) understanding the attitudes of the defenders of the TEFL theses and dissertation toward their claims and attitudes toward the readers. Second, universities may make use of the findings to develop the plans of the BA, MA and PhD TEFL programs. Third, ministries of education may make use of the findings in: a) teaching experts may make use of the findings to develop the training programs that enable teachers integrate skills. b) findings may help supervisors to evaluate school EFL teachers. c) findings may support the efforts to build curricula and teaching materials for pre-service and in-service teacher training programs. d) teachers and instructors of English may have an idea about to extent they are successful in teaching it and e)TEFL students may have an idea about to what extent they are successful in using hedging devices functionally.

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