Distribution Systems with Distributed Generation

Protection Strategy for Fuse-Recloser Coordination
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Adel F. Naiem
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With the penetration of Distributed Generation in Electric Distribution Systems, recloser-fuse coordination problems appear due to the unplanned DG fault currents. In this book, an integrated novel strategy is proposed to solve such problems. The proposed strategy is based on two main steps; the first is to assess the coordination status at fault conditions and decide whether coordination holds or is lost. The second step provides three different solutions to decrease the cases where coordination is lost to avoid as much as possible doing major changes in the existing protection scheme. The proposed strategy is implemented on the IEEE 37-node and 34-node test feeders. One of the benefits gained from this strategy is to discriminate between the cases where an action is required against the distributed generation penetration and the cases where no need for an action. Also, the proposed solutions lead to reduce significantly the number of cases where coordination is lost. The book provides a background about distributed generation and protection schemes in distribution systems. Also, it provides a comprehensive survey about different solutions for recloser-fuse coordination problems.

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