Environment, society and economy of Zanskar,Ladakh, J&K

Demography, levels of development, culture, monastic society of Zanskar
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This book gives insight to physical environment, monastic culture, economy of rural fabric of a remote region of Zanskar in Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India. Nomenclature of Zanskar comes from the local word "Zangskar" meaning white copper. Zanskar is basically a Buddhist dominated area with a small Muslim population. It covers an area of about 7000 sq km and is situated at an elevation between 3500 and 7000 meters above the mean sea level. As a matter of fact, Ladakh region remains cut off from rest of the world for more than six months during winter whereas Zanskar tehsil remains cut off from its district headquarter within Ladakh. The only source of connectivity is through Chader route (frozen river) and a limited helicopter services provided by the state government to reach Leh / Kargil during winter months.Politically and economically marginalized, the People of Zanskar live a tough life. People in Zanskar live in a cohesive relationship with nature since ages. People are underprivileged from modern technology and development. The book reveals the unexplored information of demography, economy, culture, society, political and livelihoods issues of Zanskar

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