Theoretical Studies on the Thermoluminescence Phenomenon

On separating a composite TL glow curves & determine the peak's kinetic parameters using recently developed technique
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Mahmoud Bakr
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The aim of this work is to apply a recently developed technique to separate a composite TL glow curve into its individual components of glow peaks. In addition, this work aims to evaluate the trap parameters of each peak in sequence by using a program based on first- or general-order kinetics. In this work, two newly curve-fitting programs have been suggested to simulate the glow curve and to obtain the trap parameters of the glow peaks. The first program was designed to obtain b and no by using non-linear curve fitting program based on the general-order equation. This program was executed with the aid of a recent adaptation of Hoogenstraaten s method for obtaining E and S" in the case of general-order glow peaks. The second curve-fitting program was designed to obtain the trapping parameters b, E, S" and no of the first-, second- or general-order glow peaks. Finally, this work aimed to introduce theoretical studies on the physical and environmental factors, which affect the thermal fading of TL signal.

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